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King Konan's Trap Door

STARRING: Konan, Michael Dapaah, GK Barry 

RELEASED: December on 4.0 

King Konan’s Trap Door stars rapper and judge of BBC Three’s ‘The Rap Game UK’, Konan as he serves up some medieval-style justice with the help of a trap door. 

In this new series for Channel 4.0 Konan teams up with presenter and podcaster, GK Barry, actor and rapper Michael Dapaah and artist, Specs Gonzalez to form an epic quartet determined to settle petty squabbles between friends and family – from two best friends beefing over Insta pics, to a mum concerned about her son’s frivolous spending habits, Konan and his team will lay down the law.

Set in a medieval-style courtroom each person will take to the ‘stand’ to fight their case and if Konan doesn’t like what he hears, down through the trap door they go!

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